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Heart of a Dog
By Mikhail Bulgakov
White Bear Theatre, Kennngton SE11

A Russian Scientist is determined to experiment on living bodies. He abducts an unsuspecting street dog, and before he knows it, chaos reigns in his own home.

‘Bulgakov's biting satire on Stalinist Russia, a take on the Frankinstein story, was first penned as a short story in 1925. Its concerns with political and personal oppression are clearly articulated. Intriguingly performed, this is inventive theatre, most notably during the operation, when a power failure frames the horror in a hauntingly phantasmagoric scene. There is a nosey journalist who scurries in and out with a camera covering her face, and the housing committee, which pesters the professor, is represented by pop-up heads attached to a suitcase. These contraptions lend the action a kind of surreal, impersonal detachment, cleverly in tune with the characters lack of moral responsibility.'
Andrew Aldridge, The Stage

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